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Chakra Balancing Workshop

Presented by Geri Desmond

Chakra Workshop.png

Our Chakra Balancing Workshop will introduce the
chakra system and how it is related to yoga and wellness.


This workshop is designed to introduce and deepen your
Self-exploration journey through the chakra system.


The word chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel."
There are 7 energy "wheels" located along the spine of the body.


Balancing our Chakras helps to clean up outdated, dysfunctional or negative programming that may be getting in the way of living our best life.


This two-hour workshop will cover the basic characteristics and
functions of each chakra.  There will be a combination of a lecture,
interactive work with crystals and essential oils, as well as
restorative yoga and sound healing meditation practice to help
stimulate and balance each chakra.


Members USE your Membership Package
Non-Members $25.00 Drop In Fee

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